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Dental care is important, and with many government and employer cut backs, getting the dental care you and your family need can be more expensive than ever! Even if you do sign up with an insurance carrier, many policies require a 6 month waiting period before benefits begin. Dental care is a part of health care, and therefore non-negotiable. So here are our methods for getting free dental care:

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Looking for Authors for Children's stories

Having trouble paying the rent?
Are you unemployed, a single parent, caring for an elder family member, or adult child?
We have programs that can help! 100% free and anonymous!
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We all have bills to pay every month. With the low economy and recession in today's world, most of us could use extra help. Electricity and gas are necessary for heating, cooking, daily cleaning and bathing. Telephones are a must for most of us too, especially the disabled. Water and rent are necessities. We need water to clean the house, take baths or showers, and for drinking. Rent is a necessity since we need a roof over our head. Good thing there is help for the things we really need to get by. Here is how to get the help you need.
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paid sample testing

Get paid to sample products

Hey everyone!  Did you know that you can become a product tester for Big Companies and get paid to review their products?  Yep, you can and all for free!

I've been testing products for money for the past 7 years and love doing it!  I get about 4 to 5 full size products and sample products to test a month.  I get the first exclusive look at up and coming products.


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